East-1 Facing Property Moving into Period 9


Xuan Kong Flying Star (XKFS) is one of the discipline in Feng Shui application. It is the integration of the principle of Yin and Yang; alignment of 3-Yuan dragons, the interactions between the 5 elements, the understanding of the 8 trigrams, analysis of 9 palaces and the application of the 24 Mountains. XKFS particularly deals with the ‘Time’ aspect of Feng Shui.

‘Time’ aspect is divided into 20-Year cycles. Each cycle of 20 years is a Period (运). A grand cycle comprises 9 Periods in total, which covers a span of 180 years. As the period (运) changes, the energy of each star changes. A timely star is deem as ‘In-the-Period’ and it holds positive energy for the household whereas an untimely star deem as ‘Out-of-Period’ and conveys negative energy for the household.

As we are in Period-9, Star 8 would be deem as ‘Out-of-Period’ (the further we move into period 9, the further the decay in Star 8’s energy) and Star 7 would be regarded as inauspicious; the negative aspects of Star 7 (i.e Respiratory Health, Theft, Gossips, Backstabbing and Flirting) would arise.

For East-1 facing property (庚山甲向) commenced in period 8, now moving into period 9, it is recommend to tap onto or activate, North (壬) and Southwest (未) using the timely stars to revitalize the Qi; thru’ the use of Air Revitalizer, Diffuser, Incense, Candles, Chants, Crystals, Sound, Light, Movement and Water Placement.