South-1 Facing Property Moving into Period 9


Xuan Kong Flying Star (XKFS) is one of the discipline in Feng Shui application. It is the integration of the principle of Yin and Yang; alignment of 3-Yuan dragons, the interactions between the 5 elements, the understanding of the 8 trigrams, analysis of 9 palaces and the application of the 24 Mountains. XKFS particularly deals with the ‘Time’ aspect of Feng Shui.

‘Time’ aspect is divided into 20-Year cycles. Each cycle of 20 years is a Period or “Yun”. A grand cycle comprises 9 Periods in total, which covers a span of 180 years. A timely star is positive energy for the household whereas an untimely star is negative energy.

As we are in Period-9, Star 8 would be deem as declining (the further we move into period 9, the further the decline in Star 8) and Star 7 would be regarded as inauspicious/ weaken and the negative aspect of Star 7 (i.e Respiratory Health, Theft, Gossips, Backstabbing and Flirting) would arise.

For South-1 facing property (壬山丙向) commenced in period 8 moving into period 9, it is recommend to tap into or activate Southwest (未) and East (甲) using the timely stars to revitalize the Qi; thru’ the use of Air Revitalizer, Diffuser, Incense, Candles, Chants, Crystals, Sound, Light, Movement and Water Placement.