The 28 Constellation (Date Selection)

Horn 角 (Jiǎo): Benevolent Star to increase wealth and assets.

Neck 亢 (Kàng): Not suitable for marriage, construction, burial, investments and commercial dealings.

Foundation 氏 (Di): Only specific use for presentation, public speaking, property investments or broadcasting.

House 房 (Fáng): Suitable for marriage, traveling, migration, renovation (installing) prayers and blessings.

Heart 心 (Xīn): Only for traveling and harvesting. Not suitable for lawsuit, ground breaking.

Tail 尾 (Wěi): Best suitable for burial, Feng Shui placement activities, marriage, renovation and construction.

Basket 箕 (Jī): Good Star to use for Feng Shui activities, as well as for debt collection and receipt of monies.

Dipper 斗 (Dòu): Star for Literature and Military success.

Ox 牛 (Niú): Not for marriage, contract signing and business activities.

Weaving Maiden 女 (Nǚ): Star of Pursuits for Literature and Academics.

Void 虛 (Xū): Star of Sickness and illness.

Danger 危 (Wēi): Avoid activities that involve high risk or aquatic nature.

Room 室 (Shì): Positive Star for marriage, new business. It represent multiplication of assets, legacy and offspring.

Wall 壁 (Bì): Brings in prosperity and wealth, for business opening and contract signing.

Astride 奎 (Kuí): Star of Plague in areas of legal, obstacles and challenges.

Mound 婁 (Lóu): Favourable Star for personal activities, personal intentions, marriage and business deals.

Stomach 胃 (Wèi): Signifies nobility, wealth and happy events. Suitable for marriage and external matters.

Pleiades 昂 (Mǎo): This is a Fighting Star, not use for importain personal activities, debt collection, legal matters, marriage and house-warming.

Net 畢 (Bì ): Harmony Qi in this Star, is good for construction, land and property acquistion.

Beak 觜 (Zuǐ): Very Negative Star. Avoid using for personal activities and business dealings.

Orion 參 (Cān ): Good to use for pursuit of Fame, Feng Shui, travelling, renovation, construction. But, not for marriage.

Well 井 (Jǐng): For Feng Shui water placement as well as other activation related activities.

Ghost 鬼 (Guǐ): Only for Burial and Deceased related activities.

Willow 柳 (Liǔ): Not usable for important activities, energy on this day is mostly negative.

Star 星 (Xīng): Good for Marriage and Negotiation, commencement of projects and offical opening.

Bow 張 (Zhāng): Day of Positive Vibes for marriage, asset acquisition, new business, personal activities and endeavours.

Wing 翼 (Yì): Not suitable for Feng Shui activities, deceased / burial matters, starting new job and marriage.

Carriage 軫 (Zhěn): Energy of this day is suitable for asset acquisition, marriage and investments.