Date Selection (擇日)

Date Selection: Close Day

The idea behind the 12 Day Officers Method of Date Selection lies in the use of Qi that best matches the activity.

•   Establish 建 (Jiàn)
•   Remove 除 (Chú)
•   Full 滿 (Mǎn)
•   Balance 平 (Pīng)
•   Stable 定 (Dìng)
•   Initiate 執 (Zhǐ)
•   Destruction 破 (Pò)
•   Danger 危 (Wēi)
•   Success 成 (Chéng)
•   Receive 收 (Shōu)
•   Open 開 (Kāi)
•   Close 閉 (Bì)

Close Day (閉) is a phrase where energy is at halt (i.e Qi is unmoving); or at the lowest point. This is similar to the decay phrase in 12 cycle of energy. This phrase is rarely use when it comes to activities (especially, when its a Close Day + FuYin Chart + Clash User’s Year / Day Pillar).

Close Day (閉) (generally) is never use on business establishment, business opening, house warming, baby showers, marriage or undertaking of projects.

Close Day (閉) (however), can be use to end a chapter of life events, such as ending of marriage and relationship, closure of business or resigning from a role/ job.