Quantum Entanglement and Feng Shui

Quantum Entanglement is a quantum mechanics phenomenon by which the states of two or more objects referencing each other, even though the individual objects are in different location.

In the Twin-Photon Experiment, is shows that matter are connected and that connection still exist thru’ the passage of time.

So, if we apply this in Feng Shui, wouldn’t this science resonate or linked the importance of Yin Feng Shui, the altar of the Deceased or the location of the Urn in the Columbarium. Because, where the “matter” (Deceased) is at or residing, is receiving the vibration of that environment; and the other “matter” (Descendants) that is far away would feel the vibes because of Quantum Entanglement. And at an energetic level, the impact could be almost immediate because the result of the Twin-Photon Experiment has show us that “matter” bypasses space and time.

Looks like Feng Shui could be more of a Quantum Science than an Folk-Art afterall.