Date Selection: Destruction Day

The idea behind the 12 Day Officers Method of Date Selection lies in the use of Qi that best matches the activity.

•   Establish 建 (Jiàn)
•   Remove 除 (Chú)
•   Full 滿 (Mǎn)
•   Balance 平 (Pīng)
•   Stable 定 (Dìng)
•   Initiate 執 (Zhǐ)
•   Destruction 破 (Pò)
•   Danger 危 (Wēi)
•   Success 成 (Chéng)
•   Receive 收 (Shōu)
•   Open 開 (Kāi)
•   Close 閉 (Bì)

Destruction Day (破) is meant for activities that involve tearing down or destroying something. This is a good day to use for renovation, to demolish a building or physical structures. But, also must take note not to offend Grand Duke, 3-Killing, Wu-Ji Sha (戊己都天煞) as well as White Tiger Sha (白虎入中煞).

Destruction Day (破) could be used for removing something medically (i.e. medical procedure); although Remove Day (除) is much more suited for this activity. And , it is not a good idea to use a Destruction Day for important activities like marriage, engagements and business opening.