Date Selection (擇日)

Date Selection: Stable Day

The idea behind the 12 Day Officers Method of Date Selection lies in the use of Qi that best matches the activity.

•   Establish 建 (Jiàn)
•   Remove 除 (Chú)
•   Full 滿 (Mǎn)
•   Balance 平 (Pīng)
•   Stable 定 (Dìng)
•   Initiate 執 (Zhǐ)
•   Destruction 破 (Pò)
•   Danger 危 (Wēi)
•   Success 成 (Chéng)
•   Receive 收 (Shōu)
•   Open 開 (Kāi)
•   Close 閉 (Bì)

Stable Day (定), is often use in Feng Shui placement or activation or undertake activities that have a long-term aspect to them; and/or for activities that user want to infuse with lasting effect or longevity. Keyword for this energy is perpetuity.

Stable Day (定) is a good day for official openings or commencement of construction. It can be use for moving into a new house, hiring, buying a pet, getting married, house-warmings and seeking medical treatment (i.e. cure is permanent and intended to be lasting). Typically, Stable Days are not use for funerals, burials and travelling.

Stable Day (定) energy indicates perpetuity, commencing something for the long run or long-term and in modern days, users don’t want to be tied down or stuck role or in a company. And, in projects and task, users aims to get it over and done with quickly and move on to the next opportunity instead of dragging on perpetually. Therefore, if its a relationship, a task or a role with little intention to stay for long term, avoid using Stable Day to start off.