Date Selection: Remove Day

The idea behind the 12 Day Officers Method of Date Selection lies in the use of Qi that best matches the activity.

•   Establish 建 (Jiàn)
•   Remove 除 (Chú)
•   Full 滿 (Mǎn)
•   Balance 平 (Pīng)
•   Stable 定 (Dìng)
•   Initiate 執 (Zhǐ)
•   Destruction 破 (Pò)
•   Danger 危 (Wēi)
•   Success 成 (Chéng)
•   Receive 收 (Shōu)
•   Open 開 (Kāi)
•   Close 閉 (Bì)

In ancient china where superstitious or mythical culture manifest, Removal or Remove Day (除) is usually used for cleansing activities or to rid ‘something’ from the premises or used (on person) for spiritual practice and removal of bad karma.

In the modern days, a Removal or Remove Day (除) is a good day to use to End-Off a negative relationship or projects, but can also be used to start going on a diet.

In the aspect of health, Removal or Remove Day (除) are also good days to undergo medical procedures that involve removing something from your body.

In aspect of Feng Shui, Removal or Remove Day (除) are use to start demolition work and repair work on house/ apartment. It is also a good day for businesses to use to clear old or unwanted stock (i.e. clearance sale, mid year sale etc).