BaZi Perspective on Human Resources Development

BaZi or any other destiny forecast tool per se, beside analysing the personality and luck cycle of the Querent energy. It can also be use as a guiding tool on the skills set to develop when in comes to human resource.

Before using the 10 Gods or Deities concept in BaZi to dive in the various aspects of skills, Querent need to have a brief understanding on how the ‘Scoring Method’ is derived.

In this exercise, look at the scoring aspect, then apply Yin-Yang to pinpoint Direct or Indirect aspect.
if the scoring is 15% (+/- 5%) look up Friend/ Companion and Rob Wealth
if the scoring of the Day Element is around 20% (+/- 5%) – look up the skills relating to Resource Element (Direct Resource / Indirect Resource)
If the scoring of the Day Element is around 30% (+/- 5%) – look up wealth element (Direct / Indirect Wealth)
If the scoring of the Day Element is around 40% (+/- 5%) – look up the skills relating to Authority Element (Direct Officer / 7 Killing)
If the scoring of the Day Element is above 45% – look up the output (Hurting Officer / Eating God)

Direct Wealth
Management Skills
IT / System / Software Skills
Compensation & Benefits Management
Labour Relationship Skills
Operations and Scheduling Skills
Accountancy / Financial Skills

Indirect Wealth
Project Management Skills
Trading and Capital Markets Skills
Brainstorming and Creativity Techniques

Eating God
Subject Matter Expert Knowledge
Designer Skills
Artistic Skills
Content Creator Skills

Hurting Officer
Public Speaking
Marketing Skills
Reputation and Personal Brand Building Skills
Corporate Brand Management

Direct Officer
Administration Skills
Platform Management
ISO Accreditation

7 Killing
Scrum Champion
New Markets Channeling
Early Movers Trend Spotting Skills

Direct Resource
Research Skills
Specialized / Technical Skills
Mentoring Skills

Indirect Resource
Fund Management
Markets Analytics
Data Mining
Discovery Skills
Artificial Intelligence and Programming

Friend / Companion
Networking and Social Skills
Deal making

Rob Wealth
Public speaking
Motivational Skills
Coaching Skills
Personal Trainer Skills