Key Indicators of Stable Marriage (For Ladies)

List is a common questions by Querent in a BaZi consult; everyone can self analyze + self help.

1. Day Master must be neutrally strong (elemental strength approx 20% of the entire chart) + has the Direct Officer (DO) or Direct Wealth (DW) or Direct Resource (DR).
2. Direct Officer or 7 Killing star ideally should be the Influence Element (i.e. Noble People or Peach Blossom).
3. Absence of Hurting Officer (HO) star that clashes and counters husband star (DO) in the same pillar. If presence, hopefully this star is weak or subdued.
4. Direct Wealth (DW) star that produces Direct Officer (DO) should have a link-flow or in the same pillar. Traditionally view as ‘wife prospers husband’ signs.
5. If the elementals or stars are presence but weak, Querent can self help by ‘Putology Method’.
6. If the elementals or stars are totally absence,  nothing much could be done. Querent would need to make use of other key aspect as a substitute. For example, Direct Officer absence = to make use of Indirect Wealth element, or if Blossom is absence = to make use of bath phrase Qi.