Risk of Separation and Divorce – 4 Pillars Perspective

A typical question received from Querent both Male and Female is regarding the high tendency for disruptive marriage or divorce. Traditionally, the angle of influence in BaZi chart tends to be bias against the lady. This is probably because of the Male-Chauvinist society in China.

1. For female chart, seeing 7 Killing on the Day Pillar. This sign mean that the lady enjoys excitement and the attention of her boyfriend rather than her husband. There is a need to quantify 7 Killing, it traditionally represent promiscuity or 3rd party male figure. However, depending on the strength of this element, when it has a reduced energy, it could represent Direct Officer (i.e. Hubby Element).

2. For female chart, seeing a cocktail of 7 Killing and Direct Officers, this give an image of lady enjoying the attention of multiple male counterparts. Which could lead to promiscuity in a relationship.

3. For female chart, having Hurting Officer (HO) sees (kills) Direct Officer (DO), this is an outright clash and usually develops into litigation.

4. For both male and female chart, having a clash in the spouse palace, this typically denotes departure / death of spouse.

5. For both male and female chart, to see punishment sign or frame in the chart, would brings about suspicious, sickness or poor mental health that could strained the marriage, inevitability.

6. For female chart, when there is excessive Hurting Officer (HO) and Eating God (EG), this 2 element brings about the characteristic of being argumentative, talking down and being right; resulting in higher frequency of argument.

7. For both male and female chart, having excessive Companion/ Friend or Rob Wealth (RW) elements, these denotes excessive friendships and network. They would not acknowledge the intimate relationship and likely to pass it off as ‘Friend Only’ remarks. This is often harder to detect and goes under the radar.

8. For male chart when there is a excessive Wealth element (Direct and Indirect) gives the feel that the man naturally is surrounded by ladies. This is especially true when the wealth element is tagged as blossom or bath phrase.

5 key areas in BaZi on blissful marriages

1. Day Pillar ideally should have Direct Officer (DO) or Direct Wealth for Female Chart. The flow between element must be connected or have combination.

2. Rob Wealth (RW) is a ‘no no‘ on Day Pillar. This gives an image of 3rd party entering the relationship.

3. Noble People + Blossom will be good to have as it helps connecting with the right partner.

4. Ideally, an absence of Hurting Officer (HO), because the characteristics of Hurting Officer (HO) clashes the hubby element or Direct Officer (DO).

5. There need to have sufficient Direct Wealth (DW) to produce Direct Officer (DO). The ratio between Direct Officer (DO) and Day Pillar should be approximately similar or slightly weaker (i.e. 0.8: 1)