Functional roles according to the 12 Zodiac

Tiger Zodiac – Main Qi or Energy is Yang Wood, this denotes an image of a big tree. A tree that is healthy, branches out. So, Diversification is key to this Animal Sign. Querent need to develop various skills sets, have a multitasking altitude and be creative driven. Therefore, they make excellent managers.

Rabbit Zodiac – Focuses on Yin Wood, talks about the ability to network. Inherently, this zodiac has a natural talent to socialize, work with all levels of people and yield from public relations. This are the Networking Experts.

Snake Zodiac – Talks about Persistency, Determination and Never-Give-Up Altitude, this is a Yang Fire traits. As the Snake Zodiac has many possibilities/ combinations, it also represent an akin sense of flexibility and willingness to change with environment. As such, they are change agents and motivators.

Horse Zodiac – Influence, Nurturing, Marketing, Guidance and Coaching are the attributes of this Yin Fire Zodiac. As this overly Yin Attributes can sometimes flip and be Yang, the Horse Zodiac can be quite stubborn in mindset and in actions. As Yin Fire is the elements that can create, make and mould other elements, they can market and influence new market externally as well as be a great teacher, coach and mentors roles, internally in an organization.

Dragon and Dog Zodiac – Earth are predominantly mixture of Qi. But, for the Dragon and Dog, the primarily Qi is Yang Earth. This give them the ability to reflect, digest and grow. They are normally calm while they filter and work on information in their mind. They make great consultant or counselor as they listen to both side of the story.

Goat and Ox Zodiac – This 2 are classified as Yin Earth Zodiac due to the larger portion of the Qi / Energy. Yin Earth are one with Mother Earth, land and agriculture, they represent the soft and nurturing soil that trees and plant grow on. These people sees strength and understand Value and Self-Worth. As such, they make great teacher and are usually key man or anchor of a team in an organization.

Monkey Zodiac – Relate to Yang Metal that triggers Decisiveness and Execution. For this reason, Monkey Zodiac make excellent executive and are often seen in Civil Service, Uniform Roles, Project Management and Administrator/ Executives.

Rooster Zodiac – Primarily Yin Metal, in Feng Shui image after ‘Dui’ Trigrams and symbolizes the Speech, Negotiation and Argumentative. This are the group of people whom Bosses bring with to meeting and negotiation table. To argue and squeeze the best deal out of the proposing parties.

Pig Zodiac – Main Qi / Energy is Yang Water, Individuals with Yang Water has the uncanny ability to articulate a Vision. And, in the Pig Zodiac it is paired with Yang Wood with give a key component of Managers. Add this 2 together, this brings about visionary leadership (i.e. C-Suites Roles)

Rat Zodiac – This are the Intellectual and Intuition category of people, because Yin Water is Strongest. These are the tactician in the organization who uses a carefully planned strategy and allocate resources to achieve a specific outcome (i.e. Scrum Masters).