The Four Pillars: Challenging Status Quo

This information would be useful for hiring managers or Querent who are sourcing for domestic helpers. These are a summary of key points to look out for to spot challengers of status quo (a.k.s. troublemakers or shit stirrers).

1. When Hurting Officers are over power the BaZi Day Master. This category of chart tends to doll up as Hurting Officer stimulate Diva-Like altitude and worldview. Tendencies to argue with superior is deem as rather high.

2. Another extension of the above category is there is absolutely NIL Hurting Officer + Friends and Competition element is totally in control. It would also trigger the similar persona. They tend to gather with friends and are usually egoistical.

3. When 7 Killing is overly strong or when Direct Officer changes in nature and becomes 7 Killing. This category tends to gravitate towards vice and promiscuity (if female chart). They will look (as though they are) easy going, friendly and likeable but inside the mind is a lot of complains and comparing mindset.

4. Wealth element clashes the Resource element in the chart. These are the natural challengers of status quo. Chart control the wealth, wealth control the resources and the Day Master balances out. To bring out the value of this chart, the Querent should embraces authority or be deployed in civil service / uniform officer roles.