Feng Shui is another Scheme that Satan Uses..

Blossoms’ in the Underworld

The feng shui technique I studied was called “Xuan Kong”, a sub-branch of the “flying star” family. It comprises complex formulas and Taoist philosophies, where the stars should move within nine square boxes according to the Chinese calendar, which includes the 24 solar terms and eight trigrams (Pa Kua). I thought I could be in charge of my own life and felt great.

I learned that the flat I owned for less than two years had “bad feng shui”. Because I was in a bad relationship that made me want to commit suicide at that time, I believed that the flat was bad luck and sold it. Thinking that my place had bad feng shui brought a lot of fear and worry, but my life didn’t improve after I sold the flat. Looking back, I was actually cursing myself and inviting ungodly spirits into my life, so that eventually, bad things did happen. It became a self-fulfilling prophecy.

Whenever things turned out the way I wanted, I would give the credit to feng shui. If things didn’t go my way, I would just dig deeper and buy more feng shui objects or make some adjustments, in the hope that I would get it right this time. However, the deeper I got into feng shui, the more my desires grew. I was stuck in a vicious cycle where I was going around and around, desiring more and more. There was no true happiness or joy.

Feng shui just encourages us to idolise Taoism as well as our own pride. When we become so used to taking matters into own hands, we will find it hard to submit ourselves to God and let Him take control of our lives. Feng shui is just another scheme that Satan uses to prevent people from seeing the love and grace of God for themselves.”