Flying Stars (玄空飛星風水)

Shifting Stars Replacing Palace Method (移星换斗)

In the course of practice, especially with Flying Stars Chart (XKFS) or QiMen Feng Shui (QMDJ), at some point we would come across a widely known method call: Shifting Stars Replacing Palace Method (移星换斗); in layman terms call a ‘PutologyMethod of Feng Shui. The concept is no different from Shifting Lines Changing Gua (抽爻换象) in Xuan Kong Da Gua (玄空大卦) ; summarized as follows, for convenience.

(1) The Method of Shifting Palaces: It is the use of imagery represented by the symbols of Heaven, Earth, People and Gods in the Flying Star Chart to set-up the Feng Shui objects in the corresponding palaces. Resulting in the change in the pattern of the original palaces in order to improve the vibrant energy.

(2) Extraction Method: It is the removal of some items (i.e. removing garbage) of the corresponding Feng Shui elements without changing the house position or the Flying Star Chart, so as to reduce or eliminate the unfavorable factors in the Flying Star Chart.

(3) Addition and Refilling method: It is the adding of Feng Shui Items that corresponding to the elements, without changing the position of the house or the Flying Star Chart; aim to increase the energy level and achieve the effect of enhancing the vibrant energy.