BaZi Scoring & Life Gua Application

In the course of 4 Pillars or BaZi analysis, one typical question querent would ask is ‘how can remedy my missing element in my BaZi chart, what can I do or what actions can I take?

This is a simple method to share with those who have affinity with this article / post.

First cut, we need to identify the missing element or the useful god in the BaZi chart. This is usually the weakness element in the BaZi chart. The scoring method is extremely versatile for this angle of analysis.

The BaZi branch has the following Hidden stem, score them accordingly to the Main Qi (本氣),Sub Qi (中氣),Residual Qi ((余氣). For example Snake 巳, has Bing 丙, Wu 戊, Geng 庚 – Score them as 80%, 15%, 5%; do this for the rest of the characters to work out the percentage for each of the elements.

The lowest percentage means the weakest and that is the needed element in the chart. For example water is the weakest and in the BaZi chart means 正官 – Authority.

Next, we make use of the year of birth to work out the 命卦 – Life Gua number. For example, a female born in the year 1999 would be Life Gua 8 which represent earth.

With this information, plot out the flying star chart for the property or the room. One can use the Period / Annual / Month Chart, depending on the tenure of the effect, the Annual Chart is recommended. Person is Life Gua 8 (Earth), Wood controls Earth = Authority. Look at the 3X3 grid, locate star 4 and use date selection to activate the energy in property / room.

Noteworthy, between star 3 and star 4; use star 4 instead.