Plum Blossom Divination (梅花易数)

兌卦 (Lake Gua) 丙辰 (Upper Number 4, Lower Number 1)

兌卦 (Lake Gua) reference with pool, marshes, wetland and rivers. A crossover point (from the safari or dry lands) in which many lush and beautiful plants are able to flourish. It is the place where wildlife and animals gathers for water.

兌卦 (Lake Gua) is form by a double 兌 Duì; gives the image of joy and happiness. The gua reminds us to be be open and have a sincere desire to bring happiness to others. Sincerity and genuine heart are the key to live out this gua.

兌卦 (Lake Gua) elements (五行) belongs to Metal (金); if the facing / sitting / door of the house or apartment is this Gua (卦), it is suitable for resident with annual pillar Earth Dragon (戊辰), Water Snake (癸巳), Wood Horse (甲午), Metal Dragon (庚辰).