Plum Blossom Divination (梅花易数)

姤卦 (Liaison Gua) 甲午 (Upper Number 9, Lower Number 8)

姤卦 (Liaison Gua) or Gòu in pinyin; is made up of an upper Qian (乾) Trigram on a lower Xun (巽) Trigram. This gua somewhat has a negative connotation as it give an a traditional image of a young woman using her charms to gain influence and benefit from someone in a position of power.

姤卦 (Liaison Gua) suggests that danger or evil is lurking in the background (waiting to strike), we need to identify and prevent its negative influences. As leaders in today’s society, one needs to be impartial in thinking, take a step back and avoid being influence of emotions or irrational
thought. Instead, it is necessary to be level-headed in order to make logical choices/ decisions.

姤卦 (Liaison Gua) elements (五行) belongs to Metal (金); if the facing / sitting / door of the house or apartment is this Gua (卦), it is suitable for resident with annual pillar Fire Horse (丙午), Earth Ox (己丑), Fire Ox (丁丑), Water Tiger (壬寅).