Sound Killing Energies (サウンドキリングエネルギー) : 声煞

Everyone wants a peaceful and comfortable home living. But if all kinds of noises become prolong, it will easily make people restless and uncomfortable. Thus, affect the physical well being and mental health state. From the perspective of Feng Shui (风水), these noises are deem as Sound Killing Energies (声煞).

There are namely 7 Forms of Killings Energies.: Form / Appearance Killing (形煞)、Qi Killing (气煞)、Sound Killing (声煞)、Light Killing (光煞)、Wind Killing (风煞)、Timeliness Killing (理煞)、Magnetic Killing (磁煞).

The killing energies can be category as Internal vs External (内煞,外煞).

The external killing energies (外煞) are noise from the external environment which the resident cannot do much about it. Such as the sound of a shopping mall, community centers, busy streets, cross junction, eateries, or strong outdoor music and excessive noise, school broadcasts, factory machine operation roars, blasting noises, ground impact noises, decoration vibrations, elevator movements, handling and unloading noises, striking and percussive noises, roadworks and construction sites/ buildings.

These are ground level type of sound killing energies (声煞), another aspect that are more prevalent for people living in high rise apartment (i.e. Singapore) which are situated near airport and air bases. That is the sound emitted by the jet engines during take off and landing; or when the apartment is along the flight path of the aircraft (if the apartment is facing the flight path, that could be deem as a form of poison arrow directed at the household, I’m still in the midst of gathering more observation). These vibration are exceptionally strong and enduring to the extend that windows, door and walls could vibrate; making residents in the household feeling restless and uncomfortable. Especially so when an aircraft make a low altitude sharp turn.

The inner killing energies (内煞) are sound that disturbs life, which are caused by the structure or equipment in the house. For example, wooden wardrobes or floors due to improper board handling and poor construction, dripping sound of leaking water pipes, the ticking sound of clocks when moving, fan or air conditional, chimes ting-a-ling. All these disturb the peace and sleep of the resident in the household. As these are within the household, it could seemingly be easier to manage it more effectively.