Date Selection: Drawing an Important Theory from QMDJ

In Date Selection, there is a concept derive from QiMen (奇门) called “五不遇时”. Nothing special, this is basically the 7 Killing of Bazi (八字). Even if there is auspicious stars (吉星) or combination, this hour nulls all the positive effects and could even brings inauspicious energy (凶星).

  • 甲日庚时(庚金克甲木),
  • 乙日辛时(辛金克乙木),
  • 丙日壬时(壬水克丙火),
  • 丁日癸时(癸水克丁火),
  • 戊日甲时(甲木克戊土),
  • 己日乙时(乙木克己土),
  • 庚日丙时(丙火克庚金),
  • 辛日丁时(丁火克辛金),
  • 壬日戊时(戊土克壬水),
  • 癸日己时(己土克癸水),