Date Selection (擇日), QMDJ (奇門遁甲)

Date Selection: Drawing an Important Theory from QMDJ

In Date Selection, there is a concept derive from QiMen (奇门) called “五不遇时”. Nothing special, this is basically the 7 Killing of Bazi (八字). Even if there is auspicious stars (吉星) or combination, this hour nulls all the positive effects and could even brings inauspicious energy (凶星).

  • 甲日庚时(庚金克甲木),
  • 乙日辛时(辛金克乙木),
  • 丙日壬时(壬水克丙火),
  • 丁日癸时(癸水克丁火),
  • 戊日甲时(甲木克戊土),
  • 己日乙时(乙木克己土),
  • 庚日丙时(丙火克庚金),
  • 辛日丁时(丁火克辛金),
  • 壬日戊时(戊土克壬水),
  • 癸日己时(己土克癸水),
QMDJ (奇門遁甲)

100 QMDJ Cases (Regarding QiMen Feng Shui)

@j27945: many thanks. that’s pretty accurate in terms of quite high frequency of quarreling and disturbing intensity thereof. is it possible to see the cause of the quarrels and is there anything that can be done to make things better?

can you elaborate on the unsettled hidden disputes? what is the source, is it from both male and female or only one side?

my original question concerned whether there was any issue with the flat’s fengshui… is it possible to see this?

QiMen FS has it limitation, you prob still need someone to go down take a look at the landform and take assessment to fine tune will do. By and large, this unit is suitable, aspects of the energy is good, the house also enhances the querent. What is ok, she is using. What is no good is being kept dormant.

thank you j27945. your chart reading is most impressive, especially about the hidden disputes, the another female figure, the mother’s favoritism of the brother, and the surrounding landforms.

Date Selection (擇日)

流年⼗⼆神煞表, 用于八字, 六壬, 奇门, 择日 (The 12 Accompanying Deities of Grand Duke Jupiter, for use in BaZi, LiuRen, QiMen, Date Selection)