Plum Blossom Divination (梅花易数)

噬嗑卦 (Cutting Thru’ Gua) 乙丑 (Upper Number 3, Lower Number 6)

噬嗑卦 (Cutting Thru’ Gua) – Shì Kè Gua has upper Li (離) Trigram and a lower Zhen (震) Trigram. Observation takes 2 folds, inwards and outwards. These 2 Gua put together create an image in which both the upper and the lower Yang Yao (阳爻) which is thought to resemble a mouth. Between the two of these is the third Yang Yao which appears as an object within the mouth. This object may be considered to be an obstacle but it is one that is easily dispensed with. In order to remove the obstacle, one has merely to chew and swallow.

噬嗑卦 (Cutting Thru’ Gua) indicates that support can be enjoyed from noblemen. There is a suggestion of wealth, prosperity and career success as well as personal happiness at the end. The important ingredients in this process are diligent, hard working and perseverance to cut thru’ the obstacles ahead.

噬嗑卦 (Cutting Thru’ Gua) elements (五行) belongs to Wood (木);if the facing / sitting / door of the house or apartment is this Gua (卦), it is suitable for resident with annual pillar Metal Tiger (庚寅), Earth Tiger (戊寅), Wood Tiger (甲寅), Fire Tiger (丙寅).

4 Pillars (四柱命理), Metaphysics (易学)

About Hurts and Healing

If we have truly done what we believe as best effort in the moment; then there can’t be anything any better.

In BaZi (八字) destiny consultation, practitioners wears the hat of emotional rubbish bin or recycling truck. Often needs to lend a listening ear to Querent’s woes and feelings. Helping people reconcile with the hurts of life, provide resolution and help Querent to move forward. This in 1 paragraph; sharing my 2 cents worth. I hope this experience helps fellow practitioners frame and anchor these 3 reality, so that the wound now becomes the place where the light gets in.

“The hurts of our lives are link to the perception of the hurt. The person we blame for the hurt did what they need to do in their life. And, the only way for us to be hurt is for us to compare the moment of the hurt to another moment in our lives. When the moment is all there is, and there is no past nor future we can compare with, this moment is all it is and feels very different and loses its hold against us. Therefore, emotions are closely link with the expectation and attachment of our past.”

Plum Blossom Divination (梅花易数)

觀卦 (Observe Gua) 己亥 (Upper Number 2, Lower Number 2)

觀卦 (Observe Gua) has upper Xun (巽) Trigram and a lower Kun (坤) Trigram. Observation takes 2 folds, inwards and outwards. People are watching me, me also need to watch thyself. Watching my own thoughts and emotions. Be mindful of what emotion are we feeding our brain that will trigger the chemical and physical response leading to positive vs negative outcome.

觀卦 (Observe Gua) reminds us the importance to be trustworthy, honest and reliable. Motives will need to analyzed and it will be vital to make sure that they
are sincere and unselfish.

At the heart of the 觀卦 (Observe Gua) is one of awareness, warns never to be self involved. It is also a reminder than we never live above reproach. The greater the power, the greater the need to turn the inwards, to take responsibility for ones own actions and the impact those actions may have on others.

觀卦 (Observe Gua) elements (五行) belongs to Fire (火);if the facing / sitting / door of the house or apartment is this Gua (卦), it is suitable for resident with annual pillar Fire Pig (丁亥), Wood Pig (乙亥), Metal Pig (辛亥).