Plum Blossom Divination (梅花易数)

大有 (Big Reward Gua) 辛巳 (Upper Number 3, Lower Number 7)

大有 (Big Reward Gua) also known as ‘Great Reward’. This Gua is represents that which can be achieved when people work together. 同人 (Fellowship Gua) and 大有 (Big Reward Gua) are often read together as a pair when one embraces iChing as a philosophy. In order to achieve 大有, one must embrace 同人(仁).

implies, a true leader who leads with humility and compassion. True Leadership is not simply about wielding lots of power. Although, its possible to gain a position of dominance through bullying tactics but the genuine obedience and respect won must come from the heart. Loyalty is won only through empathy and compassion.

大有 (Big Reward Gua) implies that under the right leadership, the same sense of togetherness and connectedness as expressed in 同人 (Fellowship Gua), the combination of both 同人 (Fellowship Gua) and 大有 (Big Reward Gua) enhances this ability to work together toward a common goal, inspired by a shared vision and success.

大有 (Big Reward Gua) elements (五行) belongs to Wood (木);if the facing / sitting / door of the house or apartment is this Gua (卦), it is suitable for resident with annual pillar Earth Snake (己巳), Fire Snake (丁巳), Wood Snake (乙巳), Earth Rabbit (己卯).

Plum Blossom Divination (梅花易数)

同人 (Fellowship Gua) 壬寅 (Upper Number 9, Lower Number 7)

同人 (Fellowship Gua) means community, connectedness and friendship. This Gua represents the relationships between people on both an personal level and on the wider spectrum of the world’s stage. It may also be use to reflect on issues such as discrimination and/ or the relationship in a marriage. 人 in this Gua, I personally prefer to see it as 仁, alike the Chinese words: 一視同仁.

同人 (Fellowship Gua) holds an upper Qian (乾) Trigram sitting on top a lower Li (離) Trigram. This formation suggests inner warmth and passion + a strong and active outlook.

同人 (Fellowship Gua) is the belief that the whole world should be able to come together as one community, joined in fellowship, moving towards harmony and progress.

同人 (Fellowship Gua) elements (五行) belongs to Metal (金);if the facing / sitting / door of the house or apartment is this Gua (卦), it is suitable for resident with annual pillar Metal Ox (辛丑), Wood Rat (甲子), Fire Ox (丁丑), Metal TIger (庚寅).

4 Pillars (四柱命理)

60 JiaZi TaiSui (六十甲子太岁): A different perspective regarding Grand Duke of Jupiter

The 60 JiaZi (甲子) is one of the earliest and ingenious invention of the Chinese Culture. Its purpose is to record years, months, days and hours. And in the course of civilization, these 60 JiaZi (甲子) took on a beautiful spiritual veil known as TaiSui (太岁).

TaiSui (太岁) is a God enshrined by the people, and according to folklore everyone is guarded or protected by their own TaiSui (typically based on birth year). There is also another metaphor known as 12 deity of TaiSui ( 太岁十二神).

Instead of using the annual TaiSui (太岁) to check if a particular zodiac has energy clashes and harms. Why not, use our day pillar (日主) to check the 60 JiaZi (甲子) and see which TaiSui (太岁) we are in sync with or who is “looking after” us. Google these TaiSui (太岁), read up and understand their history, what are their strengths, virtues and characters attributes which we could adopt and incorporate into our daily lives.

Expand this metaphor a little further using all 4 pillars, we might have 4 different mode of TaiSui (太岁) to learn from with regards to each aspect of our environment. It could be well ranges from righteousness to humility. Instead of praying to TaiSui (太岁), perhaps its time we start learning from TaiSui (太岁). Let’s enjoy this little exploration.

1, Year embodies externalities, government, authority, social relationship, superiors, bosses, grandparents, uncle’s, aunties, in-laws and parents.
2, Month encapsulate work environment, colleagues, peers, friends and siblings relationship.s
3, Day focus on family environment, spouse relationship. It also includes self as well as personal values.
4,Hours deals with personal aspirations, dreams hopes and fear. It also encompasses offsprings and children relationship or matters.

60 JiaZi TaiSui (六十甲子太岁)
1、甲子太岁金辨大将军 海中金
2、乙丑太岁陈材大将军 海中金
3、丙寅太岁耿章大将军 炉中火
4、丁卯太岁沈兴大将军 炉中火
5、戊辰太岁赵达大将军 大林木
6、已巳太岁郭灿大将军 大林木
7、庚午太岁王济大将军 路旁土
8、辛未太岁李素大将军 路旁土
9、壬申太岁刘旺大将军 剑峰金
10、癸酉太岁康志大将军 剑峰金
11、甲戌太岁施广大将军 山头火
12、乙亥太岁任保大将军 山头火
13、丙子太岁郭嘉大将军 涧下水
14、丁丑太岁汪文大将军 涧下水
15、戊寅太岁鲁先大将军 城墙土
16、已卯太岁龙仲大将军 城墙土
17、庚辰太岁董德大将军 白蜡金
18、辛巳太岁郑但大将军 白蜡金
19、壬午太岁陆明大将军 杨柳木
20、癸未太岁魏仁大将军 杨柳木
21、甲申太岁方杰大将军 泉中水
22、乙酉太岁蒋崇大将军 泉中水
23、丙戌太岁白敏大将军 屋上土
24、丁亥太岁封济大将军 屋上土
25、戊子太岁邹铛大将军 霹雳火
26、已丑太岁傅佑大将军 霹雳火
27、庚寅太岁邬桓大将军 松柏木
28、辛卯太岁范宁大将军 松柏木
29、壬辰太岁彭泰大将军 长流水
30、癸巳太岁徐单大将军 长流水
31、甲午太岁章词大将军 沙中金
32、乙未太岁杨仙大将军 沙中金
33、丙申太岁管仲大将军 山下火
34、丁酉太岁唐杰大将军 山下火
35、戊戌太岁姜武大将军 平地木
36、已亥太岁谢太大将军 平地木
37、庚子太岁卢秘大将军 壁上土
38、辛丑太岁杨信大将军 壁上土
39、壬寅太岁贺谔大将军 金箔金
40、癸卯太岁皮时大将军 金箔金
41、甲辰太岁李诚大将军 佛灯火
42、乙巳太岁吴遂大将军 佛灯火
43、丙午太岁文哲大将军 天河水
44、丁未太岁缪丙大将军 天河水
45、戊申太岁徐浩大将军 大驿土
46、已酉太岁程宝大将军 大驿土
47、庚戌太岁倪秘大将军 钗钏金
48、辛亥太岁叶坚大将军 钗钏金
49、壬子太岁丘德大将军 桑松木
50、癸丑太岁朱得大将军 桑松木
51、甲寅太岁张朝大将军 大溪水
52、乙卯太岁万清大将军 大溪水
53、丙辰太岁辛亚大将军 沙中土
54、丁巳太岁杨彦大将军 沙中土
55、戊午太岁黎卿大将军 天上火
56、已未太岁傅党大将军 天上火
57、庚申太岁毛梓大将军 石榴木
58、辛酉太岁石政大将军 石榴木
59、壬戌太岁洪充大将军 大海水
60、癸亥太岁虞程大将军 大海水