The Start of Spring (三阳开泰)

Today is Li Chun (立春), also known as Start of Spring (三阳开泰). With COVID-19 in the background, this article is not to discourage people who are joining the queue to “deposit” money. Conversely, agrees to the practices; because the thought of depositing money to gain more wealth is also a form of manifestation.

For folks who does not have a lot of available cashflow on hand, a more sensible thing to do is cleaning the house and remove clutters. Having more space and area to receive the Yang Qi (阳气). As you are clearing and removing those clutters, do play some music in the background (i.e chants or hymns); sounds are a form of vibration, fill up these spaces with positive vibration, as positive attracts positive (物以类聚) so more positive energy will come in and reside in the house.

Lets’ start off by clearing these sectors (these are for the month of February 2021):
• Northwest Sector (开门, Star 6)
• North Sector (休门, Star 1)
• Northeast Sector (生门, Star 8)
• South Sector (景门, Star 9)

Besides depositing money as a form of wealth manifestation and clearing clutters to receive Qi (气), we can also engage in alms giving activities, charity, small acts of good deed, little thoughts of kindness and gratitude; or even as simple as offer out a prayer for “the Least, the Lost, and the Last” of our society.

The Start of Spring (三阳开泰) or Tai Gua (泰卦) denotes 3 Yang Yao (阳爻) coming up and seeking balance and harmony with the 3 Yin Yao (阴爻).

Earth-Heaven Tai Gua (地天泰卦), with 3 Yang Yao (阳爻) and 3 Yin Yao (阴爻) denotes that the situation has matured and that stability and security have been found. This Gua (卦) sees a Qian (乾) Trigram below and an Kun (坤) Trigram above, trying to exchange places.

The Yang (阳) remains at the core internal of this Gua (卦) while the external influence is Yin (阴). This structure indicates that although there is strength and determination at the heart of a person, the communication and presentation is soft, gentle and yielding.

This is an auspicious Gua (卦) because aggression has receded and giving way to harmony, kindness and gentleness.

Tai Gua (泰卦) also represent equality, an indication of positive relationships, both at home and in the workplace. There is a harmony between individuals, conflicts and disagreements are a thing of the past. Leaders and workers are in accord and family members live in an environment of warmth and trust. Inspiring Success in both personal and professional growth requires ongoing effort to be maintained and should not be taken for granted.