Plum Blossom Divination (梅花易数)

蒙卦 (Folly Gua) 庚申 (Upper Number 6, Lower Number 2)

Meng Gua (蒙卦) which is thought to represent Folly or Bliss. This happens after the chaos and the disorder followed by time when life establish itself. This is seen as symbolic of cultivation and more controlled growth.

Meng Gua (蒙卦) is formed of a combination of Upper Kan (坎) Trigram and Lower Gen (艮) Trigram. Gen (艮) represents a mountain and Kan (坎) water therefore represents a water flowing (i.e. mountain springs). Mountain Springs flow down without restraint. The water moves swiftly as if always rushing but it has no concept of where it is going, like energy without focus and direction.

Meng Gua (蒙卦) is seen as a reflection of the learning process that we all must go through when we are young. When we are young, we are full of passion and
energy. And, in order for them to reach their full potential, minds need to be trained on how to direct and focus the energy. The key to Meng Gua (蒙卦) is that the student/ learner must seek first the teacher/ mentor. And, not the otherway around.

蒙卦 (Folly Gua) elements (五行) belongs to Water (水);if the facing / sitting / door of the house or apartment is this Gua (卦), it is suitable for resident with annual pillar Water Goat (癸未), Water Monkey (壬申), Earth Goat (己未), Metal Tiger (庚寅).