Oneness with all that is, a journey that never was.

For those in my generation, you would perhap have watched The Truman Show (Jim Carrey, 1998). Some 20 years later, reflecting on this movie. The Truman Show can perhaps inspire us towards spiritual awakening and be a seeker of truth.

Just like Truman’s existence in the movie set, our human existence could also have been made up. Perhaps, our creator up there is watching us like a drama. Or, our existence are merely tools or characters in a game simulation with higher concentration of quantum particles that contains human consciousness called soul; trying to overcome the programs in order to develop some possible solution for the creator outside the simulation.

As we overcome “The World” and our Oneness is restored, the ego is forgotten. It is as if it never existed, because in Truth it never did, right along with “The World”, Oneness with all that is, a journey that never was.