Metaphysics (易学)

Protective Gems, Crystals & Stones

Turquoise is a powerful stone for healing with the ability to protect against negative energy. It is even said to change color to warn against danger and illness. Turquoise also helps in opening up higher state of consciousness and “Third-Eye Chakra”.

Black Tourmaline is one of the most powerful protectors against the negative energy from others in both the Earth plane and the Spirit plane. It is a good crystal to keep next to your bed at night. It is said to deflect negative energy back to the sender. An excellent gemstone to enhance grounding in spiritual journey.

Tigers Eye is a stone of protection and also of abundance. This gemstone resonate with the “Roots Chakra”.

Black Sapphire is an excellent stone of protection. It facilitate spiritual connection and medium works. Black Sapphire is use during meditation in total darkness. It is especially empowered during the three non-moon days, where the moon is not visible in the sky; usually the end of the moon cycle and before the crescent appears. Use Black Sapphire to cast away thoughts from your mind and life, let the darkness and void take it away.

Clear Quartz and Rutilated Quartz are both protective stones that also enhances your aura significantly. You can wear a piece like a pendant or carry a small piece with you. This stone is a lot cheaper than a diamond but is similar in a lot of ways and it is a very powerful stone for protection. Quartz in general protects you against negative influences.

Smoky Quartz is excellent for both protection and cleansing, and is highly used in spiritual work.

Peridot can be used as a shield against others who drain your energy. Peridot assists in balancing the endocrine system, especially the adrenal glands, which govern the health of the physical body, and acts as a tonic to system. This stone supports the digestive system, aids the gall bladder, liver, pancreas and spleen.

Black Onyx blocks negative energy from getting in. Onyx as a personal amulet of protection to keep senses keen and instincts sharp. Onyx is an excellent stone for stimulating intuitive powers and furthers the quality of sentience. Often, adore in Magick and Wiccan Practices.

Obsidian is one of the strongest protection stones there is and it can shield you from psychic attack. It can also shield one from emotional and physical attack. Obsidian will seek to purify negative energy in its vicinity, and also within the aura, making this a very useful stone. Obsidian is a stone that can bring out dark energy from within to heal, and as such is also a healing stone that can even work to remove shock or trauma from a person. It can also be used to protect against negative entities.

Lapis Lazuli is said to guard you against negative psychic emanations whilst helping you to speak your mind. Lapis Lazuli is beneficial to the throat, larynx, and vocal chords, and helps regulate the endocrine and thyroid glands. Lapis Lazuli enhances circulation and improves cardiac rhythm. It lowers blood pressure and alleviate insomnia.

Labradorite can protect the aura by deflecting undesirable energy. It can also prevent psychic vampirism and spirit possession or influence.

Kunzite is a protective stone that can ward away negative energy. This stone is also useful for working with the heart and is a powerful stone of love and higher vibrations.

Yellow Jasper is another wonderful protective stone that can protect against negativity. It can be worn during travel as a shield, and it is a very uplifting stone.

Hematite is very protective and it can help to draw negativity from the base chakra and transmute it. Hematite can also prevent the wearer from absorbing the negativity projected from others. This stone is aligned with the base chakra and is also grounding.

Fire Agate provides a strong shield of protection and is wonderful for dispelling fear. This type of stone also transmutes energy. All types of agate are useful for protection.

Emeralds help dispel negativity whilst also promoting harmony and love.

Diamond is a stone of that is not only beautiful but also powerful. It cleanses negativity, yours and others, from the aura.

Charoite transmutes negativity back into positive energy, and it can also help clear the
chakras and the aura.

Brown Calcite is also very protective and it also helps attract positive energy into the environment and mind of the wearer.

Amber is very bright, cheerful and protective stone. It is actually a tree resin rather than a stone. It has been worn for thousands of years to bring luck and protection to the wearer. Worn, amber can ward o negative energy or attacks from others.

Amethyst is the stone of protection and it can be worn to prevent psychic attacks and to protect you from all types of harm. You can try keeping an amethyst cluster in a main room such to clear out negative or blocked energies.