8 Mansion: Start of Spring vs Winter Solstice (8マンション風水:春の始まりvs冬至) – 立春或冬至换年柱

In the Zhuan Xu Era (approx. 4,600 years ago), the Chinese had lived a settled agricultural life. Therefore, after the Beginning of Spring (立春), it is deem that Yang Qi (陽氣) floated on the ground, everything recovered, and people began to plough, sow and work in Spring; and harvest in Autumn. During the Winter Cold, all things withered, people recuperated. This cycle goes on (repeating again) into another Beginning of Spring. The earth shows the Cyclic Law of Resuscitation, all things and activity starts from the “Floating Ground” of LiChun (立春) Yang Qi (陽氣). Therefore, Zhuan Xu based on the comprehensive factors of the universe, the environment and climate of China, the natural law of the growth of all things, and people’s production, practice and living habits. So, it deem very scientific and practical to start the year with the beginning of spring.

The author believes that “HeTu” – 河圖 reflects the universal law of cosmic relationship, while “LuoShu” – 洛書 reflects the special law of cosmic movement (The author has a monograph in “He Luo” Overview). As far as the Universe is concerned, Yang Qi (陽氣) is born in the Winter Solstice (冬至), and Yin Qi (陰氣) is born in the Summer Solstice (夏至).


Since, the above article / discussion make sense in both aspect (Especially, the one that uses Winter Solstice). Then, shouldn’t we (also) reflect or ask ourselves…

Especially for 8 Mansion (八宅) Practitioners, have we been applying the wrong concept of plotting Life Gua (命卦) using Start of Spring (立春); or perhaps Winter Solstice (冬至) is a better representation of one Life Gua (命卦) number change. Since, Life Gua (命卦) is about playing with Gua (卦), shouldn’t this body of Feng Shui (風水) align closely with 12 Phrase Gua (十二消息卦) or iChing (易經).

We can (maybe) reaffirm ourselves by not challenging status quo. Just accepted what the Teachers and Masters taught us. There is a common wisdom or saying “人法地,地法天,天法道,道法自然”; keeping status quo is also a “自然”.

Nonetheless, I recognize that there is many ways to play with 8 Mansion (八宅).