Flying Stars (玄空飛星風水)

Wealth Sector in 2021 (2021年の富のセクター) 流年禄财位

• Jia (甲) 禄在寅
• Yi (乙) 禄在卯
• Bing (丙戊) 在巳
• Ding (丁己) 在午
• Geng (庚) 禄在申
• Xin (辛) 禄在酉
• Ren (壬) 禄在亥
• Gui (癸) 禄在子

Annual Wealth Sector (禄财位) sometimes refer to as 流年財神方. This tradditional way of calculation primarily focus on the Heavenly Stem (天干) of TaiSui (太岁) and plot the 12 Cycle or 12 Growth Phrases (十二長生).

After using the the Heavenly Stem (天干) of TaiSui (太岁) to determine the annual wealth sector. Practitioner can compliment it with the Flying Stars (飛星) for 2021. Star 8 resides at West (西,兑宫), further enhances the energy for this Sector/ Palace.

Use this area of the property/ apartment more frequently. Set goals and intention or place enhancers (i.e Water, Crystal, Chimes, Music, Fan, Lighting, Diffuser).