Annual, Month, Day, Hour FuYin (年月日時符吟) + Stable Day (定日) & Unicorn (斗木獬)

21 January 2021, 9am ~ 10:59am; with Annual, Month, Day, Hour FuYin (年月日時符吟) + Stable Day (定日) is a good date to implement placement or activation in the house / apartment.

The Stable Day (定日) is an auspicious day to Start-Off or Undertake activities with a long-term horizon in mind. The English term “Stable Day” may not correctly reflect the nature of the energy for the day. “Settle-In” or “Fixation” could be a better alternative.

The 28 Constellation is “斗木獬” also called “Unicorn” or “Dipper”, an auspicious star that promote divine protection. Enhances wealth, particularly in aspect of property/ assets and official progression.

Degree to Use for 2021:
• 兌:262.6 to 277.5
• 艮:37.6 to 52.5
• 離:172.6 to 187.5

On this day, we could apply enhancer or move our desk to the above locations and make frequent use for 2021.