Flying Stars (玄空飛星風水)

The Six Consideration of Feng Shui (風水の6つの考察) – 风水学之: 内外六事

Traditionally, the assessment of Feng Shui (風水) can be divided into internal and external. Classified into 6 major consideration (i.e. Main Door, Living Room, Bed, Stairway, Stove, Roads etc)

Internal (内):
Main Door (大门), as the first item on the list. Hence, the main emphasis of any Feng Shui set up / formation. This is where Qi (氣) Flows enters the house. The focus of assessment centers around whether the Main Door Qi resides at an auspicious sector, whether the Door Qi produces or counters the Living Room or Siting / Mountain. And, whether the storey/ floor Qi as well as Luck Cycle produces the Main Door Qi.

Living Room (厅), the second item on the list. This is the area where Qi Flows slows down and accumulate. Whether the Living Room Qi is being produce by the Door is an important theme. Example of Living Room requirements are, the need to be spacious, higher ceiling, bright, clean and tidy.

Stairway (天阶), may not be applicable to high rise apartments. Nonetheless, this is where Qi moves around the house to the next level (internal to the house). The energy, Qi (氣) or Gua (卦) designated to build a stairway needs to be auspicious. In Flying Stars (飛星) per se, Stars 2, 3, 5, 7 should be avoided for stairway.

Bed (床), rest and rejuvenation is important to start the day afresh. Energy is required in order to pursue life’s goal. Hence, needlessly to mention the bed needs to be in a positive Gua or sector of the house. One common yet useful method of assessment is the use of Auspicious Life Gua (命卦) for Bed.

Stove (灶), in the past and big families still do most of the cooking at home. So, this typically is one factor Practitioner need to assess on. The commonly spoken water and fire clash where stove is too near the basin also ties in with food science and risk management theory.

Stone Mill (磨)→ change to study / work desk. In the past, Stone Mill is use for grinding soy, rice and other food. It act as a resource sector in the house. Now, in modern time, the relevant resource is probably seen as knowledge, skills and work related. Therefore, study / work desk need to be in auspicious sector of the house or at least align with current period.

External (外):
Roads (路), this is the main consideration for killing energy or poison arrows. Whether there is any incoming external energy clashing directly to our Living Room, Main Door or Windows. The moment you have it visual, there’s usually an impact.

Wells (井)→ change to reservoir, lakes, ponds, canals. In the past, the focused is on wells and water points in the village. In today’s world, the assessment now expands to a wider spectrum of item. The assessment of water goes back to direct and indirect spirit (零正催照).

Washroom (厕), in the past washroom are outside the house, so there a consideration whether it needs to be on the dragon side (龍), tiger side (虎) or hind side (玄武). But, washroom nowadays are internal to the house / apartment. Washroom ideally should be at the water exit point of the house or at a neutral/negative stars. Washroom also should not be opposite or behind the bed, stove or altar.

Temples / Churches (庙), this consideration holds 2 aspect. First, the shape of the building is considered a poison arrow. Second, place of worship could represent a storage of energy, wishes, prayers and consciousness, there is a concern of what if these energy are more negative than positive. Some of these places of worship also has an inbuild columbarium. Then, it affect the mental states and mood of the resident staying close by.

Bridge (桥), relates to same theory as roads. As a form of killing energy. Or blockage of Qi Flow around the exterior of the house / apartments. In modern times. The bridge also includes highways, which symbolises a cutlass slicing across the house / apartment.

Barn (牲畜栏) → change to Pet’s House/ Cottage. In the past, people rear farm animals and livestock such as chicken, pigs, cows and goats. All this give off pungent odor or attracting pest and rodents, affecting the quality of the living spaces. In modern days, as there is an increasingly number of pet owners. As people sees pets as members of the household, we need to house them in a auspicious sector so that it promote their good health and well-being. And, their movement in and out of the Pet’s House also activate the position energy flow.