4 Pillars (四柱命理)

6 Alternatives to Improve Karma

  1. Acceptance is all about understanding that each of us is fighting an inner battle of some kind Not judging people is an important first step to managing karma. As we haven’t walk in their shoes, we don’t really know what they have been through.

  2. Forgiveness relieves us from ‘the pain’. It takes an amazingly compassionate person to forgive. Forgiveness doesn’t mean we are happy with what was done to us; it means we have move forward in love. Great things and manifestation happens to those who forgive.

  3. Gratitude is important, those who are thankful are happy. Express gratitude daily and the universe rewards us with inner peace.

  4. Reflection is to understand the good and bad we see in others exists within us. Everything we see outwards is an inwards reflection of ourselves.

  5. Energy that we send out (to the universe) will one day somehow comes back. Therefore, those who radiate positive energy will receive it right back. Moods, Vibration and Luck will improve.

  6. Reaction is the way we respond to those around us. This will determines our karma. Nothing happens by chance, everything that happens to us is so that we can learn something from it.