Metaphysics (易学)

Similarities of Tarot vs Playing Cards

Tarot Deck has 78 cards and it is often use in western divination while the Playing Cards or Poker Cards deck has 52 regular cards, use for playing (but, probably has hidden agenda for divination, as the mainstream religion in the past used to clamp down Tarot for divination practices).

In a tradditional Tarot Deck there are 22 Major Arcana Cards and 56 Minor Arcana Cards.

Tarot appeared in Europe around 1400s. Some metaphysicians insist it is invented, while I believe discovered is a more appropriate term.

It might have been a tool given to humanity by “Enki”, and this deviated from “Enlil”; who could have doctrinated one of the mainstream religion to farm humanity’s consciousness energy. As such, this mainstream religion oppose the use of Tarot Cards and other forms of Metaphysics practices.

With this as the background, the users of Tarot (probably) improvise and took away the Major Arcana from the deck. Thus, keeping only the Minor Arcana. The Playing Cards deck + 4 Joker Cards (elusively hidden as 4 permutations of Sword, Wand, Cups and Pentacles: 1 to 10, + King, Queen, Knight and Page). Which still pretty much as efficient as a Tarot Deck for divination and destiny reading.

The Playing Cards Deck and Tarot, Minor Arcana Deck shares these similarities: Knight (Jack), Queen, and King. But, Tarot Deck has a Page (which is represented by Joker in Playing Cards Deck).

The challenge is using Playing Cards Deck for Tarot Divination and Destiny Reading is the lacking of pictorial assistance or cues. Pictures in a Tarot Deck helps Practitioner and Querent to connect better.

Which means, a lot of passion, hardwork and commitment during those times when Practitioner using Playing Cards; as they need to memorize all 56 representation of the Minor Arcana Deck to apply the interpretation onto a Playing Card Deck.

With that, I end by sharing the 4 suites’ relevant representation in the Playing Card Deck.

   • Wands = Clubs
   • Pentacles = Diamonds
   • Cups = Hearts
   • Swords = Spades