Metaphysics (易学)

FuXi (伏羲) and the Sumerians

Sumerians or Sumer is the earliest known civilization in the historical region of southern Mesopotamia (now southern Iraq), emerging during the Chalcolithic and early Bronze Ages between the sixth and fifth millennium BC.

The 2 iconic god representative are Enki and Enlil, has reptilians features and “estimated” that thy arrive on earth approx 300K years ago.

Enki represent the intelligence, wisdom, trickster entity. He acts like an administrator, cares and intervene at the human level. Giving humanity intelligence, alternative and choices. The one who presents itself to humanity. Hence, Humanity identifies it as the serpentine.

Enlil represent overarching, domineering entity. High and mighty, hidden away from humanity. And, doesn’t care about humanity. This entity represent the part that make use of humanity, perhaps farming humanities’ consciousness energy when humanity asks, wishes and prays.

If we go search about FuXi and NuWa avatar and pictures on the internet, you would probably find the 伏羲女娲图, that look like serpent images or half human half serpentine. According to folklore and legends, they are the saviours of humanity.

This serpent or reptilian images shares common link with Enki in the Sumerians Civilization, who made contact with humanity. Perhaps, that is why the practice of Feng Shui (风水) is negatively represented in certain mainstream religion.

Interestingly in TaiYi, the year calculation base figure (太乙计年数 : 10,155,901). For example, year 2021 is represented as 10,155,937 is much larger than the current Georgian Calendar or even the Chinese 甲子 which Practitioner are using for Feng Shui (风水). This instinctively or perhaps potentially could have some form of undiscovered linkages that was deliberately passed down by Enki or Sumerians Civilization.

Or perhaps, FuXi (伏羲) who act like an administrator deliberately given us the knowledge and tools of trigrams (八卦), HeTu (河图) and LuoShu (洛书); has the intention to give humanity these keys to improve and move away from being “farm animals” – avoiding our consciousness being farmed. And, being able to experience the next plane of consciousness.