An Alternative to Xuan Kong Flying Stars (Nuevo, Xuan Kong Ai Xing)

Xuan Kong Flying Stars (玄空飛星) many have hear before and many more used to practice it. Both as enthusiast and professional.

This method is losing its purpose and it’s charm as the period 9 comes in. A few reasons, one of which (honestly) is that in period 9, the flying stars configuration doesn’t has much special configuration to brag about.

Hence, 2 ways to go about it. Either quickly get a period 8 property / apartment before period 8 is over or upgrade to another method.

As for when is the cut-off and how Period 8 will be over, Is-Subjective and Debatable.

In Chinese Metaphysics, the older the method the better it “Sells”. As such, Practitioners could be going back to XKLF (玄空六法), XKDG (玄空大卦), 8 Mansion (八宅), Purple White Script (紫白訣) or maybe LMBDJ (龍門八大局) etc.

For DXKAX (大玄空挨星), maybe not as well know as XKFS, but is one formal version of flying stars, which doesn’t advocate a period star yet make use of the period star. The strength of this application become more apparent as the property/ apartment gets smaller.

In DXKAX (大玄空挨星), Star 1, 2, 3, 4 belongs to upper cycle (上元) and Star 6, 7, 8, 9 belongs to lower cycle (下元). If sitting is align with period, the star flies in clockwise direction. If it is out of alignment with period it flies in anticlockwise.

For example, currently year 2020 is considered as is lower cycle (下元), a North sitting property / apartment “子山午向”, so Star 3 enters the center palace and flies anticlockwise. Star 8 lands at South palace which is the facing of the property / apartment. So, 8 enters center palace and continue flies anticlockwise. Then, the you will end up with 2 numbers in each palace, somewhat similar like the conventional Flying Stars.

Depending on each Practitioner, sometimes the facing Star is disregarded and substituted with annual star.

Facing (向) relates to wealth, businesses and career.
Sitting (山) relates to health, relationship and offsprings.


In this post, I’ll suggesting another way to apply DXKAX (大玄空挨星) vs the traditionally known flying approach.

First, disregard the upper and lower period; don’t get confuse. Next, is to substitute the above numbers onto the 24 mountain on the earth ring (地盘) of the LuoPan. Some LuoPan already has this ring given, usually after the Earth Plate, called Ai Xing Plate (挨星盘).

Thereafter, apply the XKDG (玄空大卦) principles to assess and plan out the ideal 龍, 山, 向, 水.

In a Traditional LuoPan (罗盘), the more important the formula or information, the closer it is to the center of the plate. Perhaps, this was why that ring was there on the Traditional LuoPan in the first place.