When Luck is Down

Luck is a form of energy and it goes through a cycle. Sometimes good, sometimes bad. When it bad cycle, we can feel the headwind and challenges. Sometimes, we can feel that it is coming back. During those downs, we can try the following ways to revitalize the luck energy.

Going to or helping out in a Wedding or Celebration Activity. Of course, we need to engage the activity with a blissful heart and feeling happy for the couple or the host.

Get active with movement, exercise and traveling. In motion, blood circulation is improve. As such, Qi circulate around you.

Bed Placement, adjusting where you sleep and how you sleep. Improve rest means better energy for the day ahead.

Fish Tank is often use in Feng Shui to activate Qi in good sector of the living space.

Activate Nobleman by using the Nobleman sector frequently.

Self Improvement, learning and knowledge. Usually when luck is down in BaZi aspect. It has the tendency of too much resource or too much authority star during the month or the year. When this happens, this 2 stars are useful for learning and knowledge. Thus, make good use of this 2 stars during this down cycle.

Give alms, act of kindness and Smile often. Give out a positive energy to the universe and the universe will respond back 3 fold, positively  –  “The 3 Fold Law”.