4 Pillars (四柱命理)

You are Average of Your Top 5 Friends in Chinese Metaphysics (あなたは中国の形而上学であなたのトップ5友達の平均です)

You are average of your top 5 friends. In Chinese Metaphysics, while it would be important to surround oneself with people with positive energy and vibes. Likewise, some folks are naturally endow with negative ones.

跟着蜜蜂找花朵, 跟着苍蝇找厕所

“Follow the bees we end up with honey,
Follow the flies we end up with toilet … ”

Therefore, in BaZi 10 God (十神) structure, we need to be mindful whether Friend (比肩) and Rob-Wealth (劫財) stars in the chart triggers a positive influence or a negative vibes. And, in 8 Mansion (八宅), whether we see others as positive or negative also depends on the sectors such as longevity (延年) as well as Yin Yang (陰陽).

Just as, Rob-Wealth (劫財) can be positive influence. Friend (比肩) can give off a negative vibes. Some knowledge of face reading can help one size things up a little.

Friend (比肩) and Rob-Wealth (劫財) stars in the chart are regarded as similar element (同五行). General rule of thumb, the optimal number to have is approx 2 Characters in a 10 Characters analysis (See: 8 Characters or 10 Characters, Balanced or Harmony – 8文字または10文字、バランスまたはハーモニー8)