4 Pillars (四柱命理)

10 Structure in Bazi (バジの神10人)

Direct Wealth – The Manger, Reform Nature, Reorganize, Restructuring, Take Charge and Fix-Up.

Indirect Wealth – The Inspirational Leader, Generate Ideas, Ideas are Asset, Take Actions, Vision.

Eating God – Subject Matter Expert, “The Art”, “The Experience”, Talks about Enjoyment in the Flow, Excels in Power of Focus.

Hurting Officer – “The Brand”, Showmanship and Performer, Reputation and Personal Magnetism.

Direct Authority – System Administrator, Procedure Driven, Behind the Scene, Empower Others.

7 Killing – The General, Run the Army but don’t own the army. Swift Entry Swift Execution Swift Exit, Excel under Pressure.

Indirect Resource – The Explorer, An Explorative and Discovery Mind, Make Use of Fact  Data, Information and Knowledge,

Direct Resource – The Academic, Excel in Scholarly Theory and Research, Ability to Understand the InterConnectedness of Things, Able to Build Relationship, Key to Success lies with Timing.

Rob Wealth – The Charismatic Leader, Ability to see Possibilities, Motivates, Gives Hope, Raise Morale.

The Friend – The Deal Maker, Ability to bring People and Resources Together, Power to Connect.