Flying Stars (玄空飛星風水)

壬山丙向 + 2021 年飞星(合十组合)

举一反三 from my earlier post. If you happen to have the opposite facing (i.e 壬山丙向,Ren Facing), you would also have a combination of 10 with the Sitting Star.丙山壬向-2021-年飞星-(合十组合)

In 2021, the Annual Star 6 enters central palace and fly’s around. Resulting in a combination of 10 with the Sitting Star.

Sitting Star resonate with love,health and relationship. So anyone seeking to patch that hurt in relationship or looking at family planning and conception. 2021 is perhaps a good year to take action accordingly.

Important note regarding combination of 10, the property must not have a missing sector.