Flying Stars (玄空飛星風水)

丙山壬向 + 2021 年飞星 (合十组合)

I was assessing the Flying Star Chart for a Ren (壬) facing property, today. And spot this combination. Hence, thought of sharing the chart formation just so anyone with this facing under the benefits and capitalise on it. This is pretty fundamentals stuff, sometimes as a blindspots to the pros.

In 2021, the Annual Star 6 enters central palace and fly’s around. Resulting in a combination of 10 with the Facing Star.

Facing Star resonate with wealth and career opportunity, so anyone seeking growth and advancement, perhaps 2021 is a good year to take action accordingly. And, now is perhaps a good time to commence some preparation efforts.

Important note regarding combination of 10, the property must not have a missing sector.