Flying Stars (玄空飛星風水)

Using 8 Mansion through the lens of Xuan Kong Liu Fa (八宅配六法 – エイトハウスの六つの方法)

In Xuan Kong (玄空), by the time practitioner dwells into Xuan Kong Liu Fa (玄空六法) would have a good grasp what is basic concept of Xuan Kong. In Xuan Kong Liu Fa (玄空六法), the first core concept is Taiji (太極). What this core concept is basically asking the practitioner where is your Taiji (太極);in a nutshell, person as the focal point, no person, no Taiji (人為立極,無人無太極).

Through the lens of the first core concept of Xuan Kong Liu Fa (玄空六法) when applying the 8 Mansion Feng Shui, the pliability of the arts then becomes a little bit more “Playful”.

Referencing the person as the Taiji (太極) focal point, and around the person, we plot out the 8 direction based on 8 Mansion.

For example a Gua 3 Supervisor/ Boss, his or her Life Generating sector is at the outh, and nicely an employee sits in his or her life generating sector. He or she will see the positive aspect of the employee, support his or her ideas and see him or her as wealth or revenue generating.

Likewise, at home this Gua 3 person, Southeast is the Longevity/ Relationship sector. In the room, his or her spouse sleeps in the Longevity / Relationship sector. He or she will then be influence by the energy and see more positive aspect of the spouse. And, also would places the spouse at top of his or her mind.