Hidden in 4 Pillars (4本の柱に隠されている)

Just a sharing or perhaps an observation to help everyone grow in BaZi skills, knowledge and assessment.

In a BaZi assessment, there are times when the signs such as 傷官見官 hurting officer attacking authority could be quite subtle.

Let’s take snake 巳 for example. The hidden stems in 巳 are  丙戊庚. For a someone whose day pillar is 乙 wood born in year, month, day or hour of Snake. Hidden in Snake 巳 are both Bing 丙 would be hurting officer and Geng 庚 as direct authority.

So when Grand Duke 太歲 influence the stems to move, there could be hints of 傷官見官 happening in the mind of there Querent.

In a positive aspect, if Querent 乙 has 申 monkey. Wealth, Authority, Resource 财官印 become readily available in the chart.

Hence, let’s watch those hidden stems.