What Storey is my Feng Shui? (私の風水は何階ですか?)

Often homeowners or homebuyers for condominiums and apartments asked, how do I know what element is my level or floor.

Predominantly, there are 4 basic method of assessment. Namely: HeTu (河圖), LuoShu (洛書), the 8 Mansion (八宅) method and Flying Stars Method.


If situated in floor 7, can be deem as element of Fire. Or if floor 12, only the later figure 2 is taken into consideration and is seem as element of Fire.


Method is similar to the earlier method, the difference in this 2nd method is the grid is that the basis is focused on LuoShu (洛書) instead of HeTu (河圖).

The 8 Mansion method is a bit more complicated in maneuver. For example, a West Facing apartment with South Main door. Start plotting Stability (伏位) at south and West would be Five Ghost (五鬼) – Fire (廉貞火). Hence, level 2 would be deem as Earth (土) and level 3 as Metal (金) etc.

The finer rule in 8 Mansion method is that, for 7 floors and below Stability (伏位) Wood is not in use. For 5 floors and below  “Wood, Earth, Metal” to follow the principle of Auspicious Star don’t nurture Inauspicious Star【吉不生凶,凶不生吉】.

The Flying Stars Method basically make use of the sector the door is in (@ground floor) and fly the Stars Forward as it moves on to the next floor. For example, the door on ground floor is at sector 3, hence, level 2 uses 4, level 3 uses 5 and so on.