Flying Stars (玄空飛星風水)

About Activation in Feng Shui (風水の活性化について)

Tea Light Diffuser (Aromatherapy)
Incense Burner (Agar wood is preferred)
Chants & Prayers
Aroma Diffusers (Aromatherapy)
Air Revitalizer
Fish Tank (Open Cover)
Plant (Large Leaves)
Sound, Bells, Wind Chimes
Singing Bowl (Preferred higher chakra sound)
Tuning Fork (OM 136.1 Hz, more of once off activation)
Music (preferred: 432 Hz, Rhythmic Music, Classical, New Age)
Clock (Swinging Second Hand, effect is minimal)
Lighting & Lamps (Warm Light)
Window/ Ventilation/ Air Flow (through the space/ place)
Movement (Passing by the space/ place)
Application (Actual using of the space/ place)
Electrical Fan
Solar Power Moving Toy