My Bazi Interpretation (FiveArts)

癸 甲 己 甲
酉 子 丑 子

01 乙丑
11 丙寅
21 丁乙
31 戊辰
41 己巳

Earth: Moderate (Weak)
Metal: Weak
Water: Strong
Wood: Strong
Fire: N.A.

Yin Earth, the first impression is you are quick witted and resourceful. you are dependable as a friend, as a collegue and as an employee. You naturally patient, kind hearted, thoughtful and lively give your that charisma that draws people to you. You got more allies than enemies. You pick up skill fast and great to have on a team. You stay within boundary and capable of self restraint. You tend to be more nurturing to others. And, you keep secrets well. Therefore, a nurturing side of you is good for being a teacher, a coach, consultant, advisors or run your own firm. Off work, you make a good charity person to your local community. You can make use of this strength to expand your network or career opportunity.

In a negative aspect when there is more earth and fire added for example in your luck pillar starting from 31yo, You can be quite passive and isolated. You may be controlling in a relationship. As well as unyielding, disassociated or even controlling. This may strain relationship. In work environment wise, this may represent as prideful and provokes envy among colleagues.

The lack of fire, in your chart indicate your affinity with parent were quite weak. It possibly that there is little interaction between you and your parents during your childhood years. Could be because of studys or work. In your teen years, there are more chance of interaction with the appearance of Fire. And, you get more support in the things you do. With Rat water, I think your relationship with you dad is engaging one. But he has his authority and awe.

Wealth and authority in your chart is strong. I suppose your family background and well being is at least average to above average. Likely parents are business owners. As, there are apart from you in your child years and later closer to you in your later luck pillars.

Are you the only child in the family (if not, eldest) ?

With Yin Earth on Ox Earth, I think your skin complexion should be good as well. Attractive.

For boyfriends, there should be a few guys who are wooing you in 2014, 2015. To have your hand in marriage, the potential guy has to get thru your dad as the water in your chart is quite domineering.

Its common for you to face digestion issues, spleen related or stomach upsets, such as acid reflux and possible respiratory ailments in your younger days. The absence fire, also indicate sleep issue such as insomnia or excessive rest and result in lethargic. Along with excessive water for lady tends to associate with gynecology related and menstruation ailments.

Integrate with DISC, its likely you are Compliant/ Stable personality. You gravitate towards formal structure and processes, and builds a few deep, trusting relationships instead of a wide circle of acquaintances. Enjoy a supporting / analyst role while other leader takes the center stage. In team, you are reserved, patient individuals. They enjoy listening to others, and are calm and rational with their responses. They do their best to avoid conflict, exhibiting a rather passive style when it comes to confrontation. Motivated by Security and loyalty, you want your work conforms to the expectations of others. Value accuracy and precision, and needs time. The longer I can give you the better your details / analysis becomes.

in 2018 (戊戌), potential career headwinds and respiratory related ailments. Would be good to have a flu jab to vaccine against.

in 2019 and 2020 (己亥, 庚子), this 2 water years will become excessive. Take alert on your parents / especially – dad’s health and also do take care of your health, and if really need to travel for holiday, avoid winter months. Relationship (if you have boyfriends) could be strenuous, try to be more understanding and avoid hard clash if argument happens.

There be a lot of external pressure in these 3 years. I won’t look further, if accurate then I continue. In summary, you need fire to warm your chart. Getting active and outdoor is beneficial for you.

Added some of the basic sectors for you to refer, with my comments.
Stability : NE – Earth, this sector supports you. Your Gua number also aligns with this sector. Make sure this sector of your house or room is not in any form of clashes or attack.
Life Generating : SW – Earth, can use but 3rd choice.

Heavenly Doctor : NW – Metal,
Longevity : W – Metal, this is where your noble man and Intelligence Star reside.

Noble Man : Monkey, Rat
Intelligence : Rooster
Peach Blossom : Horse – South, Fire, this is sector is benefical for you as this what you need to warm your chart. But, do not use it this year, you may use it after 5 Feb 2018. Because, this year, there is a inauspicious star sitting in this sector.
Sky Horse : Pig

Crystal wise, you may consider Rubellite, Sun Stone, Fire Agate, Fire Opal, Garnet, Red Calcite, Ruby. Apparels with red hues should goes well with you.