San He Bed Placement Technique

San He Bed Placement Technique (三合安床 ) , this method is commonly practice in Taiwan and China. A simple yet effective method of bed placement technique in assisting to increase the Qi flow in the bedroom to facilitate baby plans. It comprises of 2 parts as follows:

Common Folklore / Song (三合安床方法口决)

San He Bed Placement Technique (三合按床) = NaYin Element (年命纳音) + Date Selection (择日)

1,First find out the couple NaYin Element
2,Find out the San He 12 Phrases in the bedroom
3,Activate the bed placement after selecting the dates

San He Combination (三合)
Monkey Rat Dragon = Water
Tiger Horse Dog = Fire
Snake Rooster Ox = Metal
Pig Rabbit Goat = Wood

For example, a  1996 (丙午) person/ couple, his/ their NaYin is Water. Knowing this. After knowing this, place the compass in the middle of the room to plot out the San He 12 phrases.

Thereafter, examine through the Tong Shu to select an auspicious date that compliment the year of birth – 1996 (丙午) of the person/ couple. And, place the bed at the auspicious sector during the auspicious time/ hour.

Caution 1: You need to take note that the auspicious date should not clash, harm or punish the year of birth of the given person/ couple.

Caution 2: You need to examine the placement through the lens of a Form-School practitioners. Such that there are not poison arrows or knife killing (Sha Qi) inside the room as well as auspicious land-form to support.

Caution 3: There is a good handful of person/ couple NaYin element that cannot be use with this method. Either, the San He 12 Phrases doesn’t support or a clash, harm, punish at the date selection level.