4 Pillars (四柱命理)

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比    食    日元   财
庚    壬    庚    乙
申    午    辰    酉
庚壬戊  丁己   戊癸乙  辛
比食枭  官印   枭伤财  劫
临官   沐浴   养    帝旺
古榴木  杨柳木  白蜡金  泉中水


大运: 癸未 甲申 乙酉 丙戌 丁亥 戊子 己丑 庚寅

庚申 庚午 庚辰 庚寅 庚子 庚戌 庚申 庚午
辛酉 辛未 辛巳 辛卯 辛丑 辛亥 辛酉 辛未
壬戌 壬申 壬午 壬辰 壬寅 壬子 壬戌 壬申
癸亥 癸酉 癸未 癸巳 癸卯 癸丑 癸亥 癸酉
甲子 甲戌 甲申 甲午 甲辰 甲寅 甲子 甲戌
乙丑 乙亥 乙酉 乙未 乙巳 乙卯 乙丑 乙亥
丙寅 丙子 丙戌 丙申 丙午 丙辰 丙寅 丙子
丁卯 丁丑 丁亥 丁酉 丁未 丁巳 丁卯 丁丑
戊辰 戊寅 戊子 戊戌 戊申 戊午 戊辰 戊寅
己巳 己卯 己丑 己亥 己酉 己未 己巳 己卯

金: 40%
水: 29.4%
木: 11.4%
火: 12.2%
土: 7%

庚 is refer as Yang Metal, 2 key words to sum up 庚, that is Fairness and execution. 庚 is often seen as Intellectual. Bookish. Scholarly. As a person is ethical, upright and moral. Is Noble and Honorable. strives for honesty, fairness and chivalry.

庚 is always ahead of the crowd in accomplishments, need to always keep moving so that skills do not get rusty. When, able to handle to keep your cool and handle pressure, you are able to create good tactics and creating strategies.

In a team setting, you gives others a peace of mind. Once, you set a target, you will go all out to achieve it. However when unwavering / determination becomes stubbornness, you become very hard to get along.

The highest profile for your chart this year is Friend follow by Output; in DiSC could relate to Stable & Influence.

Combination of S+I; the S Personality Type is a natural counselor, is known for being steady, stable, and predictable. They are even-tempered, friendly, sympathetic with others, and very generous with loved ones. The S is understanding and listens well. Preferring close, personal relationships, the S is very opened with loved ones, but can also be possessive at times and hold them close. They are people oriented.

At the same time, the friend profile isn’t shy. The I Personality Style aren’t afraid to be the center of attention. They are lively, enthusiastic, optimistic, talkative and persuasive. The downside gravitates towards impulsive and emotional. This Personality Type tends to trust others naturally, truly enjoys being around others, and functions best when around people and work best in teams. They gravitates toward argumentative (active) or emo/ feeling hurt (passive) when being told they are wrong or unappreciated.

Motivated by the approval, flattery, praise, popularity or acceptance by others. They enjoy freedom from too many rules or regulations and gravitate towards a friendly and fun environment. They excel most when they can be the talker, the presenter, the one who builds rapport or works in teams, but needs another person to handle the details.

Wealth star is 乙 , in the hour pillar the 乙 represent flexibility, network and relationship, marketing and influence others. 乙 also relates with education, prefer in areas of soft skills. 甲 wood is totally absence in your chart. Chance are, you are not replicating your business success or model for growth and expansion.

丙戌 This 10 year luck cycle will end around September. In this cycle, 丙 relates to sun that radiates, spreading your ideas to the public. However, 戌 is the tomb for 丙 , which means, the evanglisation of your vision didn’t catch on very well or didn’t arrive at its full potential. at the same time 午 fire is under some harm and attack in 2019 & 2020. Under the aspect of health, matters that relate with heart, blood, lungs, throat, gums/ teeth and insufficient rest. 午 fire is also the month pillar, which relates to working environment, colleagues staffs and peers, all this are headwinds. Meaning, attrition rate goes up, business profit goes down. If for last year and this year, you didn’t add in funding to grow the business it probably a good thing as you have the capacity to expand in the next up turn.

丁亥 is the next decade cycle which seem rather positive. the combination of 丁壬 in your chart produces wood. Which represent wealth element in your chart. In another words, colleague, staff in your work environment are helping you gain profit/ revenue.

2020 庚子, the year of 庚子 beside the health risk mention ,there is also risk of personal accident. As Tai Sui 子 + Water Frame (申子辰) clashes with 午 in your chart. And, 丙 fire in the sunset hour of 戌 is rather weak. You might want to review your personal insurance policy just to ensure sufficient coverage.

Also, tries to better up your health regime if you haven’t done so, this is to prevent cholesterol, high blood and heart illness as you move in to the later decades as your fire in the chart is rather weak.

坤 Southwest, Gua 2
生氣 : 東北 NE
天醫 : 西 W
延年 : 西北 NW
伏位 : 西南 SW
禍害 : 東 E
五鬼 : 東南 SE
六煞 : 南 S
絕命 : 北 N

To give your year a boost, you could make use of NE and SW by using this 2 sector more frequently or do your sales call / networking call or do your strategic in these sectors, particularly the sector of Ox and Goat. This would help to induce nobleman star in your bazi chart.