4 Pillars (四柱命理)

Please Advise on this Bazi (FiveArts)


枭    食    日元   劫
乙    己    丁    丙
亥    丑    卯    午
壬甲   己癸辛  乙    丁己
官印   食杀才  枭    比食
胎    墓    病    临官
山头火  霹雷火  炉中火  天河水


财 才 官 杀 印 枭 劫 比
庚寅 辛卯 壬辰 癸巳 甲午 乙未 丙申 丁酉
2 12 22 32 42 52 62 72

1997 2007 2017 2027 2037 2047 2057 2067
丁丑 丁亥 丁酉 丁未 丁巳 丁卯 丁丑 丁亥
戊寅 戊子 戊戌 戊申 戊午 戊辰 戊寅 戊子
己卯 己丑 己亥 己酉 己未 己巳 己卯 己丑
庚辰 庚寅 庚子 庚戌 庚申 庚午 庚辰 庚寅
辛巳 辛卯 辛丑 辛亥 辛酉 辛未 辛巳 辛卯
壬午 壬辰 壬寅 壬子 壬戌 壬申 壬午 壬辰
癸未 癸巳 癸卯 癸丑 癸亥 癸酉 癸未 癸巳
甲申 甲午 甲辰 甲寅 甲子 甲戌 甲申 甲午
乙酉 乙未 乙巳 乙卯 乙丑 乙亥 乙酉 乙未
丙戌 丙申 丙午 丙辰 丙寅 丙子 丙戌 丙申
2006 2016 2026 2036 2046 2056 2066 2076


丁 Day Master, can often be related to kindness & warm. Is seen as Supportive and always Assisting. Has an Artistic inclination. In a social context, is Passionate, Friendly, Considerate. and Thoughtful. Has a quiet charismatic feel, is elegant and illuminating. Sensitive. Diligent. Emotional. Gentle. Hardworking. Carefree.

For 丁 Day Master, 2 main keywords: Influencing & Decisiveness.

Academically, then be a deep thinker, is Intelligent and often attracted to metaphysics, religions or occult/ Wicca.

In work, she is able to handle everyday situations very well. Gets to the heart of a problem. She is a People come first, Problem second type of approach.

On the Negative aspect, she might be rather Impatient, short tempered and could be fickle minded (undisciplined thoughts). Because of this trend, if prolong, the emotions/ mind could be troubled. Or, rebellious, Narrow-mindedness or potentially capable of becoming heartless.

In 己亥 庚子 2019 & 2020, the increase metal and water Qi by Tai Sui, has a negative influence on the chart. Water represents Authority Characteristic (正官/ 七杀), governance, bosses and mentors overseeing / coaching her. This could lead to an increase in stress if she is not prepared areas of skills and perception.

In 己亥 庚子 the Tai Sui (Pig / Rat) attack the fire pillar one after another in various wave. The metal also injure wood from nurturing her day pillar. In 辛丑 , could signify further harm to here fire roots. Fire represents, the heart, the mind, rest and blood circulation. The year pillar is empty, could signify difficult relationship with parents or parents exerting pressure on her unknowingly.

亥 – is also her nobleman sector which shows 2 signs. 1, being empty hence, little noble stars to give her quality advises. and 2, the noble star is her authority, that could put her thru stress and pressure. It should appear last year, 2019 in her work or social setting. Or someone senior than her. It should be good, in this aspect.

壬辰 (Current Luck Cycle)
癸巳 (Next Luck Cycle)

This 2 cycle are essentially water. On a positive note, When the person gravitate The Authority (正官/ 七杀) are Natural Administrators who strive at Compliant and Control. They then to be rather passive. Authority here do mean authoritarian but the opposite (i.e being subdued by authority).

Other Characteristics includes:
Work well under a system,
Carry out Instruction,
Ability to Empower Others
Sits on the fence

DiSC Profiles: Compliant – The C DISC Styles are accurate, precise, detail-oriented, and conscientious. They are extremely analytically and systematically and make decisions carefully with plenty of research and information to back it up. They need time, the longer they have the better the decision. The C holds high standards for both themselves and others. Because they focus on the details and see what many other styles do not, they tend to be good problem solvers and very creative people. They appear to be cold and emotionless.

The C is motivated by information and logic. They have very high standards of quality and are motivated by being well informed, researching before deciding, having clear parameters and instructions, doing work accurately and correctly, and seeing a project through to the end.

When working with a C Personality Style, it’s best to be prepare when possible. Do your research and prepare your case in advance. Pay attention to the details because this is what the C focuses on. When you can support a statement or idea with accurate data or examples, that is helpful. Submit a job description or specs for the project to give them parameters and details and talk about how different tasks fit into the big picture plan. Be systematic and logical in your thinking and planning and specific when agreeing or disagreeing. When disagreeing, work with facts instead of people examples. Be patient, persistent, and diplomatic and remember that they fear criticism.

Below is a simple 8 mansion based on her year of birth (slightly different from those usual online calculator), Her year of birth is 1996 Jan. which haven’t cross Li Chun (Start of Spring). So, using 1995 as basis to compute.

What she can do is to make use of SE, East and South which are predominantly Wood and Fire nature to help add strength to her slightly weaken fire for 2020 and 2021. 天醫 helps with health and well being while 延年 helps with social / relationships. Hopefully she is able to open up more and gradually move away from such thoughts. These thoughts should be a passing phrase, but also shouldn’t be taken lightly as the current and next decade of luck cycle seems to pressurize her.坎

North, Gua 1
生氣 : 東南 SE
天醫 : 東 E
延年 : 南 S
伏位 : 北 N
禍害 : 西 W
五鬼 : 東北 NE
六煞 : 西北 NW
絕命 : 西南 SW

Let me know if there is any specific aspect to zoom into otherwise I stop here cos it getting a bit long for a post. A post turning into a report already.

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