Flying Stars (玄空飛星風水)

Major events in China during the transitioning of each 5 Rat Luck Cycle

Looks like a pattern could be observe during the change / transiting between each of the 5 Rat Luck Cycle (五子運). With 10 cycles of coincidence, it would be good to recognize this energy flow when doing Purple White Star Feng Shui (紫白訣).

1900年→鼠年:八国联军 (Eight-Nation Alliance)
1924年→鼠年:江浙战争 (The Jiangsu-Zhejiang War)
1936年→鼠年:西安事变 (Xi’an Incident)
1948年→鼠年:太原战役 (Taiyuan Campaign)
1960年→鼠年:中国大饥荒 (The Great Chinese Famine)
1972年→鼠年:六一八水灾 (The Great Flood, Hong Kong)
1984年→鼠年:老山战役 (Sino-Vietnamese Conflict)
1996年→鼠年:丽江地震 (Lijiang Earthquake)
2008年→鼠年:汶川地震 (Sichuan Earthquake)
2020年→鼠年:武汉喷嚏 (Wuhan Coronavirus)

甲⼦运:⽔ → 1984 ~ 1995
丙⼦运:⽕ → 1996 ~ 2007
戊⼦运:木 → 2008 ~ 2019
庚⼦运:⾦ → 2020 ~ 2031
壬⼦运:⼟ → 2032 ~ 2043