Another 10 Deity

Chief Deity (值符) element belongs to Earth; is like The Boss or CEO of a company. The leader of the 9 Deities, one of the most auspicious deities. The main qualities of Chief Persons are: wisdom, benevolent,charismatic, righteous, courteous, trustworthy, natural power and authority, confident, honest. Most importantly high morals and incorruptible. 

Surging Snake (腾蛇) elements belongs to Wood; This deity is all about Intuition and occult- or spiritual personality, with a bag full of non-conventional wisdom, highly sensitive and can be scheming. They are quick learners and sharp thinkers and have the ability to concentrate in a powerful way, this focus gives them the ability to consider things in an objective way. Thus, they are strategist and tactician. Thus, they make suitable Astrology, Occult, Metaphysics or Feng Shui practitioners or personalities. 

Great Moon (太阴) element belongs to metal, this deity possess the wisdom guide and always surrounded by a secretive aura. An auspicious power this Deity of Blessings is compared to the nature of the Moon, glowing in all its beauty, wrapped in the mysterious darkness of the night. Linked to softness in thoughts and emotions, Moon Deity is also about protection and refuge as well as actions in darkness and concealment, like espionage.

Harmony Deity (六合) belongs to Wood, governs relationships, marriage, happiness, communication and cooperation. Uncanny ability to calm and pacifying others, Harmony people tend to be negotiators and ready to resolve any conflict and bring people together. Kind and lively character traits, enjoy social gatherings and meetings where their networking skills show the best. They have an eye for talented people and their communication- and interpersonal skills will bring them great wealth and prosperity as networker, mediator, matchmaker, counsellor or manager.

Grappling Hook Deity (勾陈) belongs to Earth, this deity is the protector of elders and ancestors.As this Deity governs land, livestock, farmland, property and agriculture, these people have an affinity with Mother Nature and healing. Hook Deity make good doctors and healers with herbs. It is said that Grappling Hook’s qualities is their ability to access their past lives and being able to transcend into the spiritual world. And this provides them with an intuition and insight into the past and future.

The White Tiger (白虎) belongs to Metal, represent the one that controls all forms of energy, is vigorous and powerful. White Tiger, is intelligent, passionate, loyal, proactive, courteous, focussed and strong willed. Another remarkable trait is that this deity stands up for people who are oppressed. White Tiger is associated with aggression, destruction, rivalry, fights and ferocity.

Red Phoenix (朱雀) represented by Fire, a Deity of Culture, A deity of ‘spoken words’, communications, arguments, debates, art, documents, sealed information and intellectual property. Suitable for  teaching, mentoring and influential leadership roles. Other areas include: lawyers, preachers, motivational speakers, journalists, journalist, debaters, marketeers.

Black Tortoise (玄武) represented by Water, swings both sides in divination; it is seen as law-breaker or law-keeper. Water represents wisdom and knowledge. Hence, is strong in mindreading, persuasion, winning arguments, fooling the opposition, deception and is great at presenting people with illusions.

Nine Earth (九地) represent Earth, they are resistant to change, so changes will not appear quickly. Nine Earth Deity is about long term planning. Motherly figure, natural growth – just like Mother Earths’ flowers and plants, agricultural, stability and effort, taking time and nurturing. Earth Deity is greatly concerned with medicine, wellness, morality and forgiving aspect just like Mother Earth.

Nine Heaven (九天) represent Metal, leadership and envision. For clear thoughts, beauty, happiness, intelligence, victory in battle and successful pursuit of wealth and fame, Nine Heaven is more active than Nine Earth Deity, less grounded than Nine Earth. Move towards Success, achievement, hard-working, disciplined, planning, sharp focus, helping others, reach targets and achieve goals, and looking for continuous improvement in their private and professional life, are positive traits of Nine Heaven.